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A vellum Indenture being a Release of Right to the Perpetual Advowson and Patronage of the Rectory of Blisland als Bliston, Cornwall dated 15 September 1768, Horatio Spry Esquire and Sally Spry to Charles Pye reading as follows:

This Indenture of three parts made the fifteenth day of September in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and sixty eight Between Horatio Spry of Stubbington in the county of Southampton Esquire son and heir at law of George Spry late of Stubbington aforesaid Esquire deceased and Sally Spry spinster daughter of the said George Spry which said Horatio Spry and Sally Spry are devisees in fee under the last Will and Testament in writing of the said George Spry duly executed according to the form of the statute of the premises hereinafter mentioned and released of the first part John Derbyshire Birkhead of the city of Bath Esquire of the second part and Charles Pye of the Burrough of Truro in the county of Cornwall clerk of the third part Witnesseth that the said Horatio Spry and Sally Spry as well for and in consideration of the sum of one hundred pounds of lawfull money of Great Britain to them in hand paid by the said John Derbyshire Birkhead as in consideration of the sum of ten shillings of like lawfull money to them in hand paid by the said Charles Pye at and before the sealing and delivery of these presents the receipt and payment of which said several sums of one hundred pounds and ten shillings they the said Horatio Spry and Sally Spry do hereby severally and respectively acknowledge and of and from the said sums and every part of them do hereby release acquit exonerate and discharge the said John Derbyshire Birkhead and Charles Pye and either of them their and either of their heirs and assigns by these presents Have and each of them Hath (at the special instance and request and by the direction nomination and appointment of the said John Derbyshire Birkhead testified by his being a party to and sealing and delivery of these presents) remised released and quit claimed and in and by these presents (at the like special instance and request) Do and each of them Doth for themselves and either of them their and each of their heirs remise release and for ever quit claim to the said Charles Pye and his heirs All the right title interest clayme and demand which the said Horatio Spry and Sally Spry or either of them have or which they or either of them by any ways or means whatsoever may or can have of in and unto All that the Perpetuall Advowson Patronage Right of Presentation Gift Nomination Presentation Free Disposition and Donation of in and to the Rectory and Parsonage and Parish Church of Blisland otherwise Bliston in the said county of Cornwall with all Houses Glebe Lands Tythes Oblations Obventions Mortuaries Portions and Pensions and all and singular the rights members profitts privileges and appurtenances to the same belonging To have and to hold the same and every part and parcell thereof unto the said Charles Pye his heirs and assigns forever In witness whereof the parties aforesaid to these presents their hands and seals interchangeably have sett the day and year first above written

The document has three red seals


Horatio Spry
Sally Spry
Jo: D: Birkhead

On the back of the document

Sealed and delivered by the said Horatio Spry and Sally Spry in the presence of
Gil: Jackson
John Duke

Signed sealed and delivered by the within named John Derbyshire Birkhead in the presence of
John Tayler
William Keene

Document Reference CW70206

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